• Enjoy a day out on the waters of the Portuguese coast
  • With marine biologists as your guide, discover dolphins, Minke whales, porpoises and a variety of seabirds

Mar Ilimitado is a brilliant outfit made up of two young, passionate marine biologists, who have studied the waters off this coast and logged its marine life with precision. With them as your guides, depending on the season, you are practically guaranteed to find pods of dolphins; they’re out on these waters so much that they know exactly where to look. The dolphins are more than likely to come and ride in the wake of the RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat), allowing you to see them up close. There are also occasional spottings of Minke whales or porpoises or turtles (who are reportedly so shy they will dive down deep when they see the boat). The guides will also show you seabirds such as European storm petrels or Northern gannets. Based in the little harbour off of Sagres, these guides can also take you out around Cape St. Vincent, commonly known as the “end of the world” as it is the most south-westerly point of mainland Europe.

Find the boat dock for your marine life tour at the south-western tip of the Algarve. Hop on N268 and drive south until the highway ends. Then, take the town roads over to the long loading docks and enjoy the open ocean.

​​MAR ILIMITADO: Porto da Baleeira de Sagres; +351-916-832-625; marilimitado.com